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Toni Bark, MD
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Toni Bark, MD

Dr. Toni Bark is a recognized expert on vaccines and has appeared in documentaries including "Vaccines Revealed", "Silent Epidemic" and "Bought", which she also produced. She is in private practice in Chicago and regularly speaks at conferences and events on concerns about vaccines. She is an expert medical witness in cases before the National Vaccine Injury Court.

Dr. Bark received her Medical Degree from Rush Medical College. She completed her Pediatric and Rehab internships at NYU, and her pediatric residency at University of Illinois.
Following residency, Dr. Bark was director of the pediatric emergency room at Michael Reese Hospital for 3 years prior to returning to studies in naturopathic modalities and starting a private holistic medical practice.
She completed her Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design in 2003 and a Masters in Medical Science with a focus on medical disaster preparedness and response.

It was in her Masters program where Dr Bark discovered serious conflicts of interest in the regulatory agencies and federal advisory committees which propelled her to research, write and eventually co-produce the documentary "Bought" on the subject of corruption in Big Food and Big Pharma.

Dr. Bark has testified in front of senate health committees in Minn., Tex. and Vt. She is an expert witness in a current case in the federal vaccine court.

She is a contributing author to the second edition of "Vaccine Epidemic", writing about flu vaccine mandates in health care workers and the lack of evidence behind those mandates.
Dr. Bark has a private practice in the Chicago area and along with her husband co-founded American Renewable Energy.
Her private practice focuses on reversing disease processes via classical homeopathy, autonomic biofeedback and nutritional therapies.
When she is not working, she can be found enjoying life with those around her. Her website and blog can be found at

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